I was born 1978 in a small town called Abergavenny in south Wales, UK. But brought up just outside of Blackpool. Growing up I struggled at home with family problems and found sketching a great means of escape.

My art career started as a very stereotypical one, struggling to pay the bills, family problems, basically the struggling artist syndrome. So I gave up my art career, forgetting all my hopes for the future as an artist. I decided to go backpacking to forget everything. Slowly with every country I visited, art crept back into my life without me noticing. Over 64 countries, thousands of photos, sketches, paintings and life changing experiences later I realized I couldn’t block out the biggest passion in my life, Art. I started painting again and I just couldn’t stop. It was like there was a storm inside me ready to escape. Painting after painting it just kept flowing. At first I forgot to eat and sleep it was if painting was all I needed. With all the places I have been and all the things I have seen I cannot believe how my life has changed and this really shows in my artwork, it’s getting stronger and more powerful with every stroke of the brush. To be painting and showing my work, and have people appreciate my art, is something I had only ever dreamed of.

The main subject of my art is wildlife, I have always felt a strong connection with animals since being a young child. I try to capture the animals spirit and portray that to the viewer in a way that is unique and captivating. In all my paintings I try to leave room for the viewer to make their own interpretation of what the subject of my painting is doing. I feel this gives the paintings more meaning and depth and helps the piece to really capture the imagination.

The future for me holds no boundaries. I’ve learnt that if you want something bad enough then anything is possible, especially with a strong loving partner. Fingers crossed I will still be painting and traveling when I’m 95.